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Dragonball Live action...Opinions

2008-10-17 14:28:41 by ROFLMAO90

Should they really even make this movie? Honestly...its like pillaging our memories of good things.


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2008-10-17 14:53:39

I don't really care.

It would be funny to see a live action

Its over nineTHOUSAAAAND


2008-10-17 15:21:12



2008-10-21 20:29:21

memories of GOOD things? Dragon ball Z was terrible! and i live action movie would be even worse! Imagine: Street fighter: the movie, only ten times worse. Starring: Dragons ballz as: itself and Arnold Schwarzenegger as: Goku! also starring Jet Li as: Vageta "ITS OVER NINE THOOUUUUSAAAAAAAAAND!!!" "WAHT? NINE THOUSAND? EVERBODY GET DAAUGGHN! AARRGGGHHHRR!!!"


2008-10-22 22:24:01

lol another case closed fan